Since we have already covered Bryce's construction background, here is a little bit about him outside of work. Nicknamed "perma-smile," Bryce's smile and positive attitude are contagious. He loves to have fun, listens to a variety of music most people have never heard of, and can usually be seen with pant legs tucked into his boots. His ideal "day off" consists of fishing or golfing, or any other kind of athletic activity (not excluding the video game variety.) A sharp shooter in darts, a terrible dancer, and a movie trivia expert might be considered a few fun facts about Bryce.


Having spent the first 18 years of her life in Michigan, Erin is a lover of lakes and rivers and an obligatory Detroit Lions fan. A guitar player since 9 years old, and a golfer since 10, she is all in when she finds something she is passionate about. Erin enjoys serving on the Worship Team at her church, and uses her construction and creative skills as part of the Creative Team. She has a knack for design, organization, and customer service, and would not trade her job for the world. To Erin, the best part of the job is meeting new people, learning their stories, and watching our team provide for them the best product for their investment.

TIM MANN- Earthwork Superintendent/Foreman

Tim has been part of our team since [close to] the beginning and is responsible for building our Earthwork division into what it is today. His attention to detail, forward thinking, organization, and overall equipment skill level have drastically impacted the product we offer - even outside of dirt work. Tim is originally from Pennsylvania and came to Montana in 2007 where he worked for FirstMark Construction (CMG Construction at the time) until he joined the KE team in 2014. Outside of work Tim enjoys the time he gets to spend with his wife and kids, and hunting with friends and family.

CHRIS MALDONADO - Project Manager

Born and raised in the small town of Mountain View, Wyoming, Chris brings a diverse skill set to our team. With an extensive background in concrete construction through his family-owned business, to the ambition of a carpentry entrepreneur at 19 years young, Chris knows what it takes to get any job done, and done right. To him, the best part of construction is stepping back at the end of the day and seeing physical evidence of a hard days' work. Outside of work Chris enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and anything that involves physical activity or the outdoors. If you dare challenge Chris to a "best athlete of all time" debate, you won't stand much of a chance against this sports enthusiast.

JOSH GRAHAM - Construction Superintendent

Hailing from the mighty town of Big Timber, Montana, Josh has been part of our team since 2015. Out of high school Josh found himself playing football at Rocky Mountain College, and brings his natural teamwork and leadership skills to work every day. It has been said on many occasion that Josh "makes the job enjoyable, and gets the guys excited to come to work." Without much steel building experience prior to coming aboard, Josh has proven he is capable of anything asked of him, and he would even say steel buildings are now his favorite aspect of construction. When Josh isn't working he enjoys golfing, being outdoors, coaching, and spending time with his wife Kelsey and their two chocolate labs, Mavis and Marty.

STEVE CASTLE - Truck Driver

"Super" Steve Castle, a Billings native, grew up in and around trucks with his Grandfather who started driving fresh out of the Navy. Coming from a family of truck drivers, Steve's passion for driving runs deep and his loyalty to our team is unmatched. In his free time Steve owns and operates a side business called 406 Dirt Techs through which he repairs dirt bikes, ATVs, boats - you name it. When he's not popping "sweet wheelies" on his dirt bike, Steve is a Baseball Coach for Lockwood Little League in Billings, and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. If you see Steve out on the road, be sure to give him a wave.

JUSTIN MALDONADO - Build Crew Foreman

Justin joined our team just one week after his older brother, Chris, in 2017 and has since been challenged to step outside the shadow of his 'Big Bro' in all of the right ways. Watching Justin become the dynamic leader and front runner that was once hidden has inspired us all. With years of construction experience and skill, Justin also brought to the team a passion to push himself to put out quality work that allows him to step back at the end of the day and take pride in the result. He's a true team player and a humble leader. Outside of work Justin enjoys golfing, basketball, camping and spending time with his family and friends.

ALEX FENRICH - Build Crew Foreman

Bio Coming Soon!